Micro pigmentation

Practical and simple to give a denser appearance to sparse hair
Not like real hair

Scalp micro pigmentation (or dermopigmentation) is an aesthetic technique inspired by tattoing, to give an optical effect of capillary mass.


In addition to a hair transplant, to cover a small zone of alopecia, to cover a baldness by giving a "shaved look" if the donor area is insufficient for a transplant, to camouflage a scar....


It can also be used to give an illusion of eyebrow density.



  • Men, women, all ages, especially for patients too young for a hair transplant
  • All skin types, all skin and hair colors
  • Temporary alopecia (effluvium, alopecia areata) : transitory solution until natural regrowth.
  • Permanent alopecia (androgenetic, cicatricial) : in addition to a hair transplantation when the donor area is limited, or for patients who are not suitable for transplantation (insufficient donor area, diffuse alopecia), or to hide a scar.



  • Local application of an anesthetic cream one hour before the procedure
  • Hypoallergenic medical pigments, injected into the 2nd dermal skin layer, which do not cause side effects
  • Use of a three-needle cartridge to treat a surface, of one needle to draw the hairs
  • Two to three sessions of several hours each, with at least one week between sessions, depending on each patient
  • Permanent (8 to 15 years) or temporary ink (to test a look over a year or 18 months, for example)


  • Creating the optical illusion of greater hair density (thinning hair and eyebrows), improving the visual effect of a hair transplant, reducing the color contrast between the skin and the hair
  • On areas of baldness, creating a hairline, or creating a "shaved look effect" on medium and large areas of baldness
  • Camouflage scars



  • Long-lasting alternative to capillary systems and to transplants, very minimally invasive technique.
  • Easy to remove with laser because shallower than a tattoo



  • Does not replace a hair transplant
  • Requires quality inks (avoid low cost), and asepsis of the instruments and pigments
  • In some cases, need to renew or retouch after a few years.


COST (INDICATIVE) : 600 to 3000 €, depending on the size of the area to be treated, and on the desired density.



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