STRIP afro hair

Technique well suited to afro hair
Surgery much more invasive than FUE

African hair transplantation is complicated by two considerations:

  • because Afro hair also curls under the skin, risk of trans-section with punch of diameter 1mm or less (in FUE)
  • risk of lumpy scars (keloids) at the back of the head (donor area), both with the STRIP technique (the linear scar will be visible) and with the FUE technique (diameters larger than 1mm).

The strip technique is much more invasive than FUE, but it avoids shaving the donor area beforehand. This is why many women still ask for it.

A strip of scalp is excised at the back of the head, then the grafts (from 1 to 5 hairs) are cut under magnifying glasses or microscope.

Only a surgeon is authorized to perform this operation. For the medical team, it is easier to collect grafts with curved root in that way.

The patient or patient should have a sufficiently streching scalp.

Suitable for a large number of grafts (up to 3000 in one session).

The postoperative period can be painful, and some complications may occur. The scar is permanent but can be camouflaged later, if necessary, with FUE technique.

WOMAN (Dr. Mwamba photos)


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