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Civas Hair Transplant Center, Ankara

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61/6 Gaziosmanpasa (GOP) - Cankaya - Ankara - - (Turkey)
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Ekrem Civas, MD, Fellow ISHRS, 19 years experience in hair transplants


  • Ekrem Civas, MD, Dermatologist, 19 years experience  in Hair Transplant, highly qualified and specialized in this field.
  • 2 Graduate Nurses - 19 Years Hair Transplant experience together with Dr. Civas
  • 1 Graduate Nurse - 9 years Hair Transplant experience with Dr. Civas
  • Dr Civas operates no more than 20 patients per month, because he believes in treating each patient personally with the best possible care.
  • For these reasons, he is fully booked months in advance. The waiting list can be quite long !

MEDICAL TOURISM : English, Russian, Arabic.

  • International patients, online consultations and cost estimates,
  • Prices all included : Transfers to and from airport + 3 nights hotel accomodation + treatment + Shampoo and hair care products, 1 year support post op
  • Arrive to Ankara Esenboga Airport 1 day before your surgery date and you will be picked up by our crew
  • Depart 2 days after surgery 


  • FUE automated with full shaving (1.5 € / graft), minimum cost 3500€ (2300 grafts or less)
  • FUE manual partial shaving (1.75€ / graft)
  • FUE manual / afro hair (2.0€ / graft)
  • Beard (3000 € - 4000€)
  • Eyebrows (2500 €).


FUE Automated : 

Preparation : shaving of full head, or only donor area

Extraction : 

  • Up to 4000 grafts in one session, extraction by medical team (nurses) under supervision of Dr Civas.
  • Different sizes of punches for extraction (0.6mm for the 1 hair FUs, 0.8mm for the 2 and 3 hairs FUs, and the 1mm for 4 hairs FUs).

Implantation : Lateral slits

  • Lateral slits technique gives the surgeon the highest degree of control over the direction and angle in which the transplanted hairs will ultimately grow.
  • Controlling the depth of incision is also critical in making the recipient sites.
  • The medical team (nurses) places the grafts in the incisions, under the supervision of Dr. Civas.


FUE PARTIAL SHAVING (WOMEN AND MEN) : up to 2000-2500 grafts / session

  • Donor hair is shaved (and can be covered by surrounding long hair), but the recipient area is not (grafts are transplanted within existing hair)
  • It is getting common for women to choose FUE over the traditional FUT (STRIP).  

FUE AFRO HAIR : Manual extraction, larger punch sizes

  • Difficulty in extraction of the grafts since the follicles curve under the skin. This can result in high transection if the doctor is inexperienced, but with extra care grafts can be obtained without damage.
  • Secondly, chances of having keloids in African patients are quite high. This a major concern for FUT (STRIP) technique as the scar will be visible. FUE is much more ideal in such cases.

EYEBROWS : FUE technique is used. On average, 100-150 grafts on each brow. Only fine 1 hairs Follicular Units are implanted, to avoid unnatural thickness.

BEARD AND MOUSTACHE : FUE technique is used. Around 1500-2500 grafts needed to achieve a moderately dense beard/mustache. Second session for a fuller look.

Certifications of Dr Ekrem Civas : Medical Doctor and Dermatologist, ABHRS Diplomate  (First doctor in Turkey), ISHRS Fellow (First and only doctor in Turkey), IAHRS Member, AAHRS Member, EHRS  Member


Tel +90 312 437 0737

Whatsapp +90 549 437 0738

Location : Ankara TURKEY

Beard and moustache (price list) 3000 € - 4000 €
Eyebrows and eyelashes (Eyebrows - price list) 2500 € - 2500 €
FUE manual (2300 grafts or less - 2500 grafts) 3500 € - 3750 €
FUE motorized (2300 - 4000 grafts - price list) 3500 € - 6000 €
FUE afro caribbean hair (1750 - 4000 grafts - price list) 3500 € - 8000 €
FUE patchy shaven (1400 - 2500 grafts - price list) 3500 € - 7500 €
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