Dr Mark Tam, London

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107 Harley Street - London - W1G 6AL - (United Kingdom)


  • Dr Mark Tam is a hair transplant surgeon, experienced specifically in the field of FUE Hair Restoration
  • Specialist in Hair Transplant to Hairlines & Frontal Areas
  • He does all the surgery himself
  • Member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and of the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery (BAHRS).

Dr Mark Tam

Preparation of the frontline design

Drawing of the front line


  • Pre-consultation screening for suitability based on photos
  • Medical assessment and review of what can be achieved and what to expect on the day of your procedure should you be seen as suitable for an FUE Hair Transplant.,


  • Dr Tam may recommend FDA Approved Topical Medications and/or FDA Approved Oral Medications to control the process of hair loss.

HAIR GRAFTS: up to 1500 grafts per session

  • FUE technique with motorized punch
  • Shaving of the donor area (back of the head)
  • Local anaesthesia

Extraction : 

  • Hair follicles are removed one by one from the donor area
  • Duration: between 1 and 2 hours

Implantation : 

  • Dr Tam hand-cuts each and every single one of the blades he uses to prepare the sites with incisions
  • Placement of the follicular units in the incisions 
  • Duration: between 1 and 2 hours 

Graft extraction

Incisions in the area to be restored

Placing the grafts in the incisions


  • Consultation with Dr Tam: £180
  • Medication: from £125
  • FUE transplant: between £5400 and £7600



Hair loss diagnosis (Consultation) 200 € - 200 €
FUE, hair transplantation (1000 - 1500 grafts) 6000 € - 8000 €
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