Centro capilar, Dr Alex Seiadatan, Madrid

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Calle Victor de la Sema 28 - Madrid - 28016 - (Spain)
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  • Dr. Alexandros Seiadatan is the founder of the Centro capilar clinic in Madrid and Sigma clinic in Athens.
  • He is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).
  • He practices exclusively the manual FUE, with his team
  • Free consultation (book online)

Contact  : +34 722 495 145 / +34 911  051 939



  • FUE MANUAL : 2.5€ per graft (+ 21% VAT = 3€ / graft), same price for all procedures (hair, afro hair, beard, eyebrows, BHT)
  • Significant discounts (scar repair, eyebrow reconstruction, aesthetic repair after trauma or burns)



  • Useful for some forms of alopecia, especially androgenetic alopecia in menopausal women.
  • Therapy to be used in addition to other forms of treatment (eg minoxidil or finasteride).
  • This is a completely safe procedure, since the PRP and the growth factors used are those of the patient.



FUE MANUAL: 500 to 2000 grafts per session

The FUE technique is a very precise "art". Dr. Seiadatan, with his team, extracts manually and delicately the follicular units to guarantee the highest quality, which is not possible when using a motorized punch.

  • Preparation: shaving the donor area, local anesthesia.
  • Extraction: extraction of 10% of the Follicular Units in the donor area, to maintain a 90% density of the natural hair, and so that the effects of extraction are undetectable. Manual punches of small diameter (0.75 mm) allow faster healing and fewer marks. Extracted follicular units are stored in a refrigerated serum to prevent their deterioration. Digital counter of the extracted UFs placed next to the patient. The UFs are classified by the medical team according to the number of hair they contain (1 to 4 hairs).



  • Design of the zone of implantation: drawing of the receiving zone, distribution of the extracted UFs.
  • Implantation (DHI) : Direct implantation of the grafts with an implanter, without prior incisions, results in less skin trauma, less damage to the local blood supply and no visible scarring. Density up to 60-65 FUs / cm2.




  • All signs of surgery disappeared completely after one month.
  • After four months, short hair is seen where it did not exist before, 50% of the hair began to grow, 50% entered the Telogen phase and temporarily disappeared.
  • At 6 months, the density and strength of the hair increased significantly.
  • Some patients have already reached 100% of the results at 6 months, others will have them at eight months.


FUE PARTIAL SHAVING: coverage of areas of extraction by neighboring hair (Flaps).


FUE AFRO HAIR : punches diameter 0.8 mm, micro scars, unnoticeable


WOMEN: densification of areas of hair loss, to create a normal look and regain a natural volume of hair


BEARD : To create a goatee, it will take 1200 - 1500 grafts, to create a beard, 2500 - 3000 grafts.


EYEBROWS: To partially restore an eyebrow, it will take 100 - 200 grafts. To create a complete eyebrow, 200 to 400 grafts.


BHT: the body's hair (hair of the thorax, pubis, back or lower limbs) is grafted with the FUE method.


Beard and moustache (500 - 2000 greffons - price list) 1500 € - 6000 €
FUE afro caribbean hair (500 - 2000 grafts - price list) 1500 € - 6000 €
FUE manual (500 - 2000 grafts per session - price list) 1500 € - 6000 €
FUE partial shave (500 - 1500 grafts price list) 1500 € - 4500 €
Body hair transplant (BHT) (300 - 1000 grafts - price list) 900 € - 3000 €
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