Best hair transplant clinics in Spain

Why choose Spain for a hair transplant?



Spain is a country much sought after by tourists, and there are excellent clinics for hair transplants in the most popular cities.


1. A country conducive to medical tourism

In Barcelona on the Catalan coast, has listed some fifteen renowned clinics, including Instituto Villodres, Institut Dermatològic Integral, Institut Vila-Rovira, Instituto Trius ...

Barcelona has a worldwide celebrity in cosmetic surgery, a specialist in hair transplants, Dr. Raphael de Freitas.

On the Atlantic coast, in San Sebastian, and in Bilbao, there are also very good clinics (Zuatzu, Ercilla).

In Madrid, around 20 clinics have been selected by

First, because of a high concentration of world-renowned hair transplant surgeons: Dr. Lorenzo and Dr. Ferreira, Dr. Couto, Dr. Heinicke, Dr. Seiadatan, Dra Vila, Dr. Andrade, Dr. Lopez-Bran, Dr. Verbauvede. ..

Insparya, Madrid (investment of the group Saude Viavel and the football player Cristiano Ronaldo) has recently opened a large clinic designed to accommodate many patients every day, at very competitive rates, with 18 surgeons.

In Malaga (BHR Spain, Dr. Perez-Meza) and also in Marbella (Dr. Pisano, Dr. Panno), we find hair transplant specialists who often have a VIP clientele.

In the Balearic Islands, the excellent Dra Maria Asensi is located in Palma de Mallorca.

And in the Canary Islands, Clinica Bonome (Santa Cruz de Tenerife), and Mediteknia (Las Palmas) provide high level services.

There are also clinic chains in several cities, such as Dr. Pelo's (Dr. Afonso Junior) and Svenson clinics.


2. Effective transplant protocols for affordable rates

For patients who want to achieve the best results, the most renowned Spanish doctors propose procedures that are recognized as the most effective.

They require from their patients a serious medical preparation (Finasteride, Minoxidil, over one to two years), before planning the hair transplant, to ensure the best conditions for regrowth.

They do not try to transplant large quantities in one session, on the contrary. For advanced baldness, or to obtain a high density, they recommend two to three sessions of 1000 to 3000 grafts each, spaced at least one year.

Their technique is very meticulous, they take their time (manual punch for the FUE, implanters to place the grafts (DHI), preservation of each graft collected in the donor area.

These clinics are therefore known for a conservative approach to hair transplants, which guarantees very good results for patients.

If the prices of the most renowned surgeons are in the high-end (Top Care category at, there are many clinics in our category Maxi Care (2€ to 3€ graft) that offer a wide range of techniques (FUE manual, automated, robotic ARTAS, implanters for DHI..).

One can also "find good deals", with rates ranging between 1€ and 2€ per graft (our Budget Plus category), which are close to the lowest rates in Europe.



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