AEK Hair Clinic, Istanbul

Dereboyu Cad - Istanbul - - (Turkey)


  • Dr Ali Emre Karadeniz, performed so far a thousand of hair transplants, offers consultations also in London, Rome and Milan. 
  • He is Fellow ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery).

ONLINE CONSULTATION : after receiving good quality photos from patients, live online video consultation, so that the doctor and patient can be face to face.


  • VIP airport pickup service
  • 2 nights accommodation at luxury hotels, walking distance from our clinic
  • translator service for non-English speaking patients
  • medication and aftercare kit, camouflage hat


  • Flat rate of 3500€, up to 2300 grafts, and 1.5€ / graft beyond, with either technique
  • BHT 2,5€ / graft.


  • The priority in female hair loss treatments is to diagnosis possible systemic diseases that will prevent a hair transplant from giving a good result.
  • As women usually cannot tolerate shaving, the STRIP method is almost always preferable.
  • In situations when the female hairline is genetically higher than usual, surgical hairline lowering can be an alternative to a hair transplant.


Our clinic is one of the leading hair transplant clinics in the world known to do hair transplant repair surgery, however there are limitations on what can be done after a poor hair transplant especially if the donor area is depleted.


  • Considered the gold standard method, high number of grafts (3000-4000 in one session), low Follicle transection rate (FTR).
  • STRIP leaves the rest of the donor area untouched for future sessions.


  • 3000 grafts is considered a large number in FUE, and extracting 5000 almost always means violating the safety zone.
  • A punch with internal diameter of 0.7 to 0.9 seems to be the most efficient, in both lowering the FTR and preventing unnecessarily large scars.

FUE PATCHY SHAVEN : 1000-1500 grafts can be extracted with limited shaving, camouflaged with the remaining hair.

LONG HAIR TRANSPLANT (UNSHAVEN): with the STRIP technique, or with the FUE technique

STRIP AND FUE COMBINED : if for instance 5000 grafts are needed, a combination of both techniques is putting less pressure on the donor area.


  • incisions (platinum blades) by doctor Karadeniz himself and placement (micro tweezers) by the team
  • Direct hair implantation (DHI) with sharp implanter, by doctor Karadeniz himself

AFRO HAIR: great expertise for the extraction and implantation of frizzy hair

  • With the STRIP technique FUSS / FUT (thus without shaving, very indicated for women), team driven to the dissection of the follicles for this type of hair
  • With the FUE technique, specially trained team

BHT : should be considered only when there isn’t sufficient donor scalp hair, since body hair has a very different character compared to scalp hair..

EYEBROWS : STRIP allows us to prepare grafts with a longer hair shaft, 300-500 grafts on average, 800-1000 grafts when a total restoration is needed.

BEARD : It is possible to increase beard density by using some of the scalp hair as donor.

Beard and moustache (request price) na
STRIP, hair transplant (2300 - 4000 grafts - all in package) 3500 € - 6000 €
FUE motorized (2300 - 4000 grafts - all in package) 3500 € - 6000 €
FUE partial shave (request price) na
Body hair transplant (BHT) (1000 - 2000 grafts - price list) 2500 € - 5000 €
Platelet rich plasma (PRP) (as an option) na
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