Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey

Why choose Turkey for a hair transplant?


1. A very popular destination for medical tourism


Turkey's supply of cosmetic surgery, aesthetic medicine and hair transplants for foreign patients has grown considerably, generating a turnover of billions of dollars.


It is common to see, at Istanbul International Airport, groups of patients who wear the special postoperative hat and go home after their hair transplant.


A large number of private hospitals, approved by the Ministry of Health, provide medical teams with approved and well-equipped workspaces


These teams are very well organized to welcome foreign patients (transfers airport-hotel-clinic, accommodation in luxury hotels, translators, meals, very complete postoperative kits)


The prices are very competitive because wages are much lower than in the European Union countries


2. Turkish doctors and clinics listed on


This list is relatively short compared to the high number of hair transplant clinics (Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, other cities).


So there are many other Turkish clinics that are not listed on our platform, it is a reality of which we are fully aware.


Our list is based mainly on the best known doctors and clinics


In particular those who regularly participate in workshops and international congresses of hair transplant.


3. Precautions before selecting a clinic in Turkey

Avoid low cost clinics, hair transplant factories

  • Medical supply has become plethoric, and sometimes uncontrolled, to the point that the "factories with graft" are regularly denounced for their excesses: dozens of patients per day; doctors replaced by assistants, technicians, or nurses; hazardous hygiene conditions.
  • These establishments practice an aggressive marketing on the internet, multilingual, and attract international patients by  "unbeatable" low cost rates.


An alarming number of cases of failed transplants

  • This can cause not only disappointments (results well below patients' expectations) but also, and more importantly, irreversible damage to the donor areas, which are too often depopulated for life, preventing any further transplantation.
  • Renowned doctors are increasingly solicited by patients who come to see them in the hope that they can repair the damage, which is not easy.
  • In other words, before deciding for a hair transplant in Turkey, it is very important to check the good reputation of the clinic, the name of the doctors and their qualifications.



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