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Cosmedica, Dr Acar, Istanbul

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Kücükcekmece - Istanbul - 34295 - (Turkey)
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Clinic specially organized for international patients


  • Dr Levent Acar, MD, studied medecine in Turkey and Germany
  • Experience of hair transplants since 2007
  • Speaks Turkish, English, German
  • Member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS)  
  • Dr Acar established The Cosmedica Medical Aesthetic Center in 2007, located inside the I.A.Ü. VM Medical Park Florya Hastanesi
  • Large medical team (30 people), 3 patients per day on average
  • Cosmedica is JCI-accredited, a gold standard of health care


  • e-consultation, with photos sent to our doctor
  • Transfers, 2 or 3 nights+breakfast at Radisson Blue airport  (5 Stars)
  • Interpreter (English and other languages)
  • No advance payment, payment is done only at the hospital. 


GOLD 1990€ : 

  • Doctor consultation before and after hair transplantation, planning and supervising
  • Blood test
  • Needle-free anesthesia +250€
  • Hair transplantation (FUE automated + PRP) up to 4500 - 5000 grafts
  • All required medicine

GOLD PLUS 2490€GOLD offer plus :

  • Needle-free anesthesia
  • 6 months extended aftercare pack
  • 3 hotel nights at Radisson Blue

VIP 3490€ :

  • Implantation of grafts : Dr Acar will personally perform the incisions in your recipient area
  • All items of Gold package
  • 3 hotel nights

Eyebrows : fixed price : Gold (1990€) and VIP (3490€) packages

Beard and moustache : fixed price : Gold (1990€) and VIP (3490€) packages

GUARANTEE : in case of regrowth of less than 95% of grafts, the clinic offers a second session, free of charge


  • MESOTHERAPY has several purposes : to stop further loss of hair ; to ensure that existing hair grows denser, thicker, healthier ; to rejuvenate hair roots that are inactive under the skin ; to help thinned hair regain its health.
  • PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma, produced with 10 cc of your own blood) stops hair loss and helps rejuvenation of thinned and weak hair roots. It is used in combination with hair transplant.


  • Collecting grafts from donor area : hair cut of full head, motorized micro-punch (0.8 mm diameter to collect 2-3 hair grafts, 0.5 mm -0.6 mm to collect single hair grafts)
  • Counting of grafts : grafts are counted and sorted (triple hairs, double hairs and single hair)
  • Micro incisions (lateral slits) : channels are opened in the recipient area (according to the thickness and length of the hair grafts), to ensure a density of 40 grafts / cm2
  • Grafts placement : grafts are placed with appropriate angle and direction, to produce natural looking.


BHT (Body hair transplant) : Hair follicles  (grafts) can be collected from beard (under the chin) or from the body (chest), if the donor area is poor.


  • Hair grafts are collected from the donor area with FUE automated, and transfered to the eyebrows area.
  • The surgery takes approximately 3 hours
  • Transplanted grafts may grow faster for the first 2 years, but in the later period they adjust to the growth rate of the original eyebrows.
  • With well planned operations it is possible to achieve great results.

BEARD and MOUSTACHE : via the same technique, FUE automated.

+33 7 71 07 63 56 Julia  

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FUE motorized (Gold and VIP packages) 1990 € - 3490 €
Platelet rich plasma (PRP) (included in hair transplant package) na
Mesotherapy (enquire) na
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