Dr José Lorenzo, Medilor clinic, Madrid

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Paseo de la Chopera, 66 - Madrid - 28100 Alcobendas - (Spain)


  • Dr José Lorenzo (Past President of the World FUE Institute), medical director since 2003
  • World-renowned physician, leader in his specialty
  • Specializes in advanced alopecia, repair cases, beard, eyebrows
  • Medilor Clinic in Madrid


Dr Jose Lorenzo

                                          Pilar Lorenzo



  • male and female patients
  • waiting time 4 to 6 months for a transplant 
  • international patients from Europe, USA, Australia. etc..



PRICES  : included: VAT, hotel, post-operative medication

  • 5€/graft for the first 2000 grafts
  • 2.5€/additional graft (regardless of the number of surgeries)
  • Ex: 12500€ for 3000 grafts


MEDICAL TREATMENTS : Finasteride, Minoxidil


MANUAL FUE  :  2000 grafts per day, procedure over two days or more if necessary

Shaving : donor area and recipient area in 98% of cases.

Extraction : to help him in this task, Dr Lorenzo has assistants specialized in the extraction of grafts. 

Implantation : with "Lion implanter" (from 0.64 to 1 mm), 100% of the grafts are implanted by the doctor,  control of the angulation and placement of the grafts of 1, 2, 3 and 4 hairs in locations specific.



Advantages of the implanter

  • Maximum density, because the incisions are minimal, which makes it possible to implant the grafts very close to each other, and to implant a high number of grafts.
  • Minimal manipulation of follicles for maximum rate of regrowth.
  • Particularly indicated for the reconstruction of the frontal line, eyebrows, beard. 




Beard and moustache (2000 grafts) 7200 € - 10000 €
FUE manual (2000 - 4000 grafts) 10000 € - 15000 €
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