Dr Nathan Yadun, Rouen, France

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6 Place de la République - Rouen - 76000 - (France)
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The full range of transplants with FUE, only an hour and a half from Paris


  • Dr Nathan Yadun, Doctor in aesthetic medicine, laser and mesotherapy, hair transplants since 2004. 
  • Member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). 
  • Practice also in Mauritius (


  • Online : send details, hair loss medical history, stage of baldness, photos.
  • At the clinic : evaluation of the number of grafts needed, drawing of future hairline, customized cost estimate.

PRICES : FUE automated

  • With prior shaving of full head (2000 grafts for 5000€) ; Vertex (2500 grafts for 6250 €); patchy shaven (6650€ for 1900 grafts), long hair (800 grafts for 4200€)
  • Eyebrows (560 grafts for 2560 €); Beard (2.5 € / graft).


  • MEDICATION : If baldness is on the rise, first stabilize the hair fall by a medical treatment (with Finasteride and Minoxidil), for a period of at least six months, before performing a hair transplant.
  • MESOTHERAPY + PRP  : Mesotherapy associated with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) produces a hair fall's stop in 90% of cases after 5 sessions, and a regrowth observed after ten sessions.

HAIR TRANSPLANTS : All steps are performed by Dr Yadun himself, with the help of his assistants.


  • Motorized punch (0.75 to 0.9 mm in diameter), full shaving of donor area or of full head, incisions (lateral slits) using micro-blades, or use of implanter pens
  • Small sessions 300-800 grafts for localized alopecia (scarring, alopecia, burns) or mega session of 2000-4000 grafts for advanced baldness.

FUE PATCHY SHAVEN  : partial shaving the donor area (one or more mini stripes) but without shaving the recipient area, allows to take up to 1200 grafts per session.

FUE LONG HAIR : FUE technique without shaving at all (Unshaven), sampling of long hairs. Up to 800 grafts per session.

BHT  : Transplantation of body hair on the scalp :  up to 1000 grafts per session.


  • Between 50 and 300 hairs for each eyebrow, fine hair extracted from the scalp (FUE patchy shaven, or FUE unshaven).
  • We use an implanter pen fitted with a very thin needle (0.6 mm diameter) for injecting the hairs, one by one.

BEARD AND MUSTACHE : With hair from the scalp, we can reconstruct a beard, a mustache, that will grow as facial hair, and that can be cut, shaved or left to the desired length.

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) (per session - pricelist) 300 € - 300 €
Mesotherapy (per session - price list) 300 € - 300 €
Body hair transplant (BHT) ( 400 to 1000 grafts - pricelist) 1800 € - 4000 €
Beard and moustache (400 - 1800 grafts - price list) 1400 € - 6300 €
FUE partial shave (400 - 2000 grafts - price list) 1500 € - 7000 €
FUE unshaven (300 to 800 grafts - pricelist) 1800 € - 4200 €
FUE motorized (300 - 2500 grafts - price list ) 800 € - 6250 €
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