Best hair transplant clinics in France and in Paris


Why do they prefer to look at France for a hair transplant?


With foreign travel restrictions imposed by the Pandemic of Covid, many French candidates to a hair transplant now refocus their research on the clinics in the hex.


They are not disappointed! Because the French clinics of hair transplants meet the highest medical standards, several French surgeons are international top doctors in hair transplant and dermatology, and the rates evolve downwards, now generally ranging between 4 € and 2 € per graft (for a quantity of 2000 to 3000 grafts).


1. If you have a budget of 2€ to 4€ per graft, enjoy French excellence:


Prestige clinics in Paris, frequented by personalities, artists, foreign VIPs, and therefore very demanding patients, who are delighted with the welcome, the service and the follow-up.


  • Clinique Eiffel Carré d'Or,  the famous Aesthetic Surgery Clinic, near the Trocadero, founded and led by Dr. Sydney Ohana
  • Maison Lutétia, specializes in high-end protocols of the world group DHI
  • Hair restoration clinic, the medical team in charge of grafts is supervised by two surgeons, Dr. Aharoni and Dr. Levy
  • CMCC Wagram ... brings together a large ultra-competent team around two renowned doctors (Dr. Pierre Bouhanna, Eric Bouhanna)
  • Dr. Simon Sebbah (Doctor and CO), a young doctor who learned the transplant techniques in the best clinics, he himself performs the entire operation, with an assistant
  • Dr Guy Menahem (Easygreffe, near the Trocadero), one of the French surgeons with the longest experience of hair transplants, practices as well the technique of the strip (FUT) as the FUE, very high regrowth rate (95%)
  • CSHP: Dr. Pascal Guigui, Plastic Surgeon, and Kevin Haddad, Plastic Surgeon, Hair Transplant Experts


Clinics in the French regions, which also offer very high level services:


  • Dr Bodnar in Toulouse, also consultations in Paris, this doctor offers a very rigorous approach to the transplant, and excellent results
  • Dr Ginouves in Avignon, with his team which includes other doctors and assistants, he implements the exceptional experience he has acquired over the years ; he is the one who organized the last Congress of the World Fue Institute, in Avignon in 2019
  • La Microgreffe in Lille, Dr. François Pacheco, very experienced in hair transplants, FUE and FUT, very thorough trichological examination to validate the feasibility of each transplant
  • Dr Letertre in Nice,  expert in hair transplants, also doing hair transplants abroad
  • Asclepios Institute, Dr. Claude Martin, Strasbourg, Multilingual Team



2. Those French clinics which offer prices comparable to Turkish clinics:

In Marseille:

  • CapClinic, directed by Dr Alain Brun, offers FUE at rates that include 3 sessions of PRP spaced 2 months each (1.5€ to 2.4€ per graft, depending on the number of grafts and technique)
  • Dr Gilles Martin-Peridier, very long experience in the treatment of hair loss (he recommends Minoxidil and Latanoprost, especially for young patients, as well as mesotherapy) and for hair transplants he is very respectful of the donor area (maximum 2500 grafts per session), for an extremely attractive price (1€ / 1.5€ per graft!).





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