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263, Avenue Brugmann - Bruxelles - 1180 - (Belgium)


  • Dr. Emorane C. Lupanzula first worked in the United States with the best practitioners in hair transplantation.
  • He is a member of the ISHRS and of the World FUE Institute.
  • Medical team of several assistants





1. Extraction:

FUE MANUAL : up to 4200 grafts in multiple sessions

  • Dr. Lupanzula practices FUE exclusively with a manual punch, which allows a tactile feeling during surgery, much better than with a motorized punch
  • Shaving of the patient's hair (full of partial shaving)
  • Measuring of the patient's hair density area by area, with a densitometer
  • Isolation of follicular units with a manual punch of 0.75 to 1.0 mm in diameter, and extraction with micro-forceps.

FUE  PARTIAL SHAVING (PATCHY SHAVEN): ideal for men and women

  • Partial shaving of the donor area (in narrow bands), which will be covered by nearby long hair
  • No shaving of the recipient area (grafts will be reimplanted between existing hair).
  • The FUE "patchy shaven" is very popular with women and men who wish to privilege discretion (same appearance before and after the operation).
  • The only drawback: you can not take as many grafts as with a classic FUE "full shave".
  • Often, patients need several sessions to achieve the desired result (up to 3000 grafts in 4 operations).




  • Allows to take in one day a  higher quantity of grafts (4000 to 5000 Ufs) than with the manual FUE technique.
  • Lower cost compared to manual FUE.


BODY HAIR TRANSPLANT (BHT): good option when the donor area is insufficient


2. Implantation:

  • First, micro incisions are made over the entire receiving area, according to a pre-defined distribution (density and design).
  • Then the follicular units are reimplanted as quickly as possible in the sites created by micro incisions.


BEARD, EYEBROWS: restoration

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