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Dr ARSLAN Musbeh, HAIRMEDICO, Istanbul

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Eski Büyükdere cad - Istanbul - 34000 - (Turkey)
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Dr. Arslan Pack: He does all the extraction and incisions (or DHI) himself, one patient a day

CLINIC : Dr Arslan, speaks excellent English

  • Dr. Arslan Musbeh has performed several thousands of hair transplants, beard and eyebrows restoration, for more than 13 years, in France, Belgium, Maghreb countries and Turkey.
  • He is associate member of the ISHRS since 2017
  • Trainer at the University of Lyon (France) for the Diploma on baldness treatments and hair implants
  • Dr. Arslan performs the procedures assisted by specially trained assistants


  • Multilingual team (Turkish, French, English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese)
  • Online consultations, with photos.
  • Consultations with Dr Arslan regularly scheduled in France, Belgium, Sweden and Morocco, by reservation online. Also hair transplants by the doctor, at partner clinics in these countries.

FLAT RATES: include:

  • Preoperative consultation, design, planning by Dr. Arslan
  • Maximum number of grafts depending on the donor area (up to 4000 grafts)
  • PRP, 3 nights hotel, medication, post-operative follow-up for one year


Standard Pack: 2500 €, Dr. Arslan does himself:

  • the beginning of the extraction to control the quality of the grafts, of the scalp, estimate the rate of grafts of 1 or 2 hairs, define the diameters of the punches to use. Much will be done by his assistant specialized in extraction.
  • the incisions (opening of the channels) with a sapphire blade ; then the assistants (trained exclusively for implantation) proceed to the placement of the grafts in the incisions.


DR ARSLAN Pack: 3500€, one patient per day, Dr. Arslan does himself:

  • extraction of all the grafts
  • the incisions (opening of the channels) with a sapphire blade, and the assistants trained exclusively for the implantation proceed to the placement of the grafts in the incisions.

Direct hair implantation (DHI) supplement: 500€ on each pack

Afro hair transplant: 2800€ Standard pack (3500€ Dr Arslan pack)

Beard Restoration: 2800€ Standard pack (3500€ Dr Arslan pack)

Eyebrow restoration: 1500€ (maximum of grafts on both eyebrows)


  • Full or partial shaving the head, micro-punch (0.7 to 0.9 mm in diameter)
  • Implantation of micro-grafts in each incision, using micro-forceps
  • Direct Implantation (DHI): with a special implanter
  • Procedure takes 6 to 8 hours for about 4000 grafts.


BEARD : To create a full beard with FUE technique, 1500 to 2000 grafts from the scalp are needed,  2 to 6 hours of intervention.


  • For women, eyebrow grafting is the ideal solution because it gives the eyebrows the relief and density of a real hair.
  • It takes on average from 150 and 200 grafts (fine hair from the neck area) to completely restore (implantation using a needle) the lines of eyebrows.

TREATMENT OF HAIR LOSS : PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) :

  • Initial treatment with 3 sessions spaced 15 days (30 minutes each).
  • Then, only one session every 3 to 6 months, depending on the results obtained.


Patients Coordinator for Dr ARSLAN

Mobile / WhatsApp / Viber : Mobile / WhatsApp / Viber : +90 541 234 50 85

Beard and moustache 2800 € - 3500 €
Eyebrows and eyelashes (maximum grafts on both eyebrows) 1500 € - 1500 €
FUE motorized (up to 4000 grafts) 2500 € - 4000 €
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