Dr José Lorenzo, Dr Bruno Ferreira, Madrid

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Paseo de la Chopera, 66 - Madrid - 28100 - (Spain)
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  • Dr. José Lorenzo (World FUE Institute Past President), Medical Director of, FUE since 2003
  • Dr Bruno Ferreira (ISHRS, World FUE Institute)
  • Both surgeons specialized in hair transplants
  • Collaboration with the Korean manufacturer Hans Biomed in the development of the Lion Implanter
    • Medilor clinic in Madrid

                      DR LORENZO                                                 DR FERREIRA

PRICES: included: VAT, hotel, post-surgical medication

Dr. Lorenzo: Specialized in advanced alopecia, repair cases, DUPA/BUPA, beard, eyebrows, FAGA.

  • 5€ / graft for the first 2000 grafts
  • 2.5€ / additional graft (no matter the number of surgeries)
  • Ex: 12500€ for 3000 grafts

Dr. Ferreira:

  • 3.63€ / graft up to 4000 grafts
  • 2.5€ / graft beyond 4000 grafts  (no matter the number of surgeries)
  • Ex: 10890€ for 3000 grafts

MANUAL FUEusually 2000 grafts per day, procedure over two days or more if necessary

Shaving: donor and recipient area in 98% of the cases.

Extraction: to help them in this task, Dr. Lorenzo and Dr. Ferreira have an assistant specialized in graft extraction (TEF).

Implantation: with "Lion implanter" (from 0.64 to 1 mm), 100% of grafts are implanted by doctors, control of angulation and placement of grafts of 1, 2, 3 and 4 hairs at  specific locations.

Advantages of the implanter:

  • Maximum density, because the incisions are minimal, it makes it possible to implant the grafts very close to each other, and to implant a large number of grafts.
  • Minimal handling of the follicles for a maximum rate of regrowth.
  • Particularly suitable for reconstruction of the frontal line, eyebrows, beard.


Beard and moustache (2000 grafts) 7200 € - 10000 €
FUE manual (2000 - 3000 grafts) 7200 € - 12500 €
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