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Avenue de Tervueren 36 - Bruxelles - B-1040 - (Belgium)
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International hair transplant expert


  • Dr Jean Devroye, Doctor of Medicine, Surgery and Obstetrics, 25 years in hair restoration surgery. 
  • Fellow of ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery).

CONSULTATIONS : in Brussels, also in London, Paris, Madrid and Barcelona, conducted exclusively by Dr Devroye.

MEDICAL TOURISM : Online consultation, inhouse comfortable accomodation for foreign patients.


  • Technique STRIP (6 à 2 € greffon), i.e. 7000€ for 2500 grafts, and 8000 € for 3000 grafts.
  • FUE automated (4,0 € to 3,4€ / graft), i.e. 6000 € for 2000 grafts, and 9000 € for 3000 grafts.
  • Eyebrows 2500€ to 3000€
  • Add 11% for tax purposes. 


HAIR TRANSPLANTS : Implantation with incisions and placement

  • Procedures (surgery) are performed exclusively by Dr Devroye, with his team of eight assistants.
  • In women, most of the time, the donor area is rich, unaffected by baldness ; but in case of diffuse hair loss, the usefulness of a hair transplant will have to be decided.


  • Scar approximately 1mm wide and invisible because covered by hair.
  • Any new strip will be extracted in such a way that multiple transplants will leave only one scar.
  • Density 35 to 45 grafts for every cm², grafts regrowth ratio of 95% to 98%.


  • Particularly suited to men who want to wear their hair very short, for small hair transplants, to hide the scar of a previous hair transplant, or in young patients where it is impossible to determine how hair loss will develop.
  • Motorized micro punch of 0.9 to 1.2 mm in diameter, shaving of the donor area, max 1,700 - 2000 grafts per day.
  • Two days of surgery to obtain 2,500 - 3,000 grafts.

BHTWith FUE technique, for patients whose scalp donor area is poor, or in combination with a classic hair transplant.

BEARD AND MUSTACHE  :  The hair used comes from the scalp for beard and moustache restoration (STRIP technique).

EYEBROWS : Usually, scalp hair is used for eyebrows restoration, but we can also use body hair (from the arm or torso) via FUE, or possibly a small STRIP under the arms.

SCALP MICRO PIGMENTATION For it owns merits (giving impression of hair shaved very short, drawing an eyebrow, covering up a STRIP scar or small  FUE scars) or in addition to a hair transplant (For best results, there should be minimum three sessions for each zone).

Micro pigmentation (request price) na
Medication (request price) na
Beard and moustache (500 to 2000 grafts - pricelist) 3000 € - 7000 €
STRIP, hair transplant (500 - 4000 grafts - price list) 3000 € - 10000 €
FUE motorized (2000 - 3000 grafts - price list) 6000 € - 9000 €
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