MyWHTC, Dr Mwamba, Brussels

73 Rue Defacqz - Bruxelles - 1060 - (Belgium)
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  • Dr Patrick Mwamba, MD, general surgeon, specialized in FUE hair restoration surgery since 2003
  • Member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS) and of FUE Europe.

MEDICAL TOURISM : international patients, online consultation, English, Deutsch, Français

PRICING : Prices are VAT excluded (add 21% VAT)

  • FUE manual / automated up to 4000 grafts over 2/3 days (from 3,40 € / graft with full head shaving, from 4 € / graft shaving only donor area)
  • FUE patchy shaven (from 4,80 € / graft) : partial shaving of donor area
  • FUE long hair (from 6,80€ / graft)
  • FUE afro hair (7€ / graft)
  • Beard (6 € / graft)
  • In FUE the lowest pricing applies when the donor and recipient areas are both shaved, and using PCID (motorized punch).
  • Similarly, partial shaving FUE is less expensive with motorized punch than manual.
  • Finally, the clinic proposes incentive reductions (10% or even 15%) when the patient accepts that his / her photograph (face blurred or not) is published online by the clinic to illustrate its achievements.



Extraction : 

Dr. Mwamba prefers the gentle and slow extraction and does not recommend a too high number of grafts per day. 

FUE manual / automated :

  • A total amount of 800-1000 follicular units can be extracted and relocated in a daily session.
  • Mega-session (3,000 to 4,000+ grafts) typically takes 2-3 consecutive days.

FUE Long Hair :

  • Prior to extraction each graft will only be trimmed by special scissors. No visible signs of hair transplant after the procedure.
  • Maximum of about 500 - 750 grafts / FU`s may be removed in a single day.

FUE Patchy Shaven : shaving only of small stripes in the extraction area, which can be covered by the neighbouring long hair. Up to 1500 follicular units.

A FUE hair transplant in Africans - Blacks is usually significantly more time-consuming, so the costs and prices are significantly higher. Maximum 700 grafts / day.

Beard transplant with FUE.

Body Hair Transplantation (BHT), using a FUE technique. For patients who do not have enough scalp donor hair, BHT can be quite valuable, particularly if the body hair resembles the scalp hair in terms of curl and texture.

STRIP HAIR TRANSPLANT : With FUT (STRIP), up to 3000 grafts can be transplanted in a day.

Implantation : After preparing the incisions in the recipient area, every single graft is artfully placed in the balding zone.

Laser / LED therapy (request price) na
Body hair transplant (BHT) (1000 grafts - pricelist) 4800 € - 6500 €
Beard and moustache (1000 grafts - pricelist) 4800 € - 6000 €
STRIP, hair transplant (1000 grafts - price guide Western Europe) 3000 € - 4000 €
FUE partial shave (500 to 1500 grafts - pricelist) 2400 € - 9000 €
FUE manual (500 to 2000 grafts - pricelist) 2500 € - 10000 €
FUE unshaven (500 to 1500 grafts - pricelist) 4000 € - 15000 €
FUE motorized (500 to 4000 grafts - pricelist) 2000 € - 16000 €
FUE afro caribbean hair (500 to 1500 grafts - pricelist) 3500 € - 10500 €
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