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Replace Clínica Capilar, Lisbon

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Avenida da República, 90 - Lisboa - 1600-206 - (Portugal)
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Expert doctor performing all surgery herself, with her team


  • The Replace Clinica Capilar was founded in 2017 by Dr. Fátima Garcês, a medical surgeon with more than 10 years experience in hair transplants, including several years with ARTAS robot

  •  With Biofibre, she brings a solution for patients without a donor area. 
  • She is a member of the ISHRS
  • At Replace, hair transplantations and biofibre implantations are performed by Dra Fátima Garcês assisted by a team of skilled nurses. 

PRICES:      Full details of the packages here


  • PREMIUM PACKAGE ARTAS 9X - 2700 to 3000 grafts, 1 day session (7950€)
  • LUXURY PACKAGE ARTAS 9X - 2700 to 3000 grafts, 1 day session (12.500€)


  • Hair transplant : 2700 to 3000 grafts (4950€)
  • Afro hair transplant : 1000 to 1500 grafts (4950€)
  • Beard : 1500 to 2000 grafts (3950€)
  • Eyebrows : 500 to 800 grafts (2950€)

BIOFIBRES : 3,80€ to 4,60€ per fibre, depending on size and type of fibre (1000 fibres minimum)

MESOTHERAPY: 120 € / session

LASER THERAPY: 100 € / session


  •  English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese
  • Pack includes : transfers (airport to hotel and to clinic), one night at 5* hotel, post-surgical treatment kit



  • This treatment stimulates hair growth, attenuates the hair thinning process, delaying the onset of baldness (Androgenic Alopecia).


  • Indicated in cases of sudden hair loss, generalized fall after surgery or effluvium (an intense hair loss caused by postpartum, illness or high fever).
  • This treatment improves thickness of the hair shafts, vitality of the root, and promotes growth.


1. Extraction :

a) FUE robotic ARTAS 9X: shaving of full head, up to 3000 grafts in combination with manual FUE

b) FUE manual : punch diameter 0,7 mm or 0,8 mm, up to 3000 grafts

c) Women :  for a limited number of grafts (up to 700 - 1000 grafts) only partial shaving is needed (ong hair will cover the shaved area), but for more grafts a wig or other hair systems can be provided to hide the shaved area

d) Afro hair : with manual FUE, punch diameter 0,9 mm or 1,0 mm, 1500 grafts per session, 2000 grafts over 2 days

2. Implantation 

a) ARTAS robot 9X makes incisions in the recipient area, then Dra Garces and her medical team places the grafts with micro forceps, with natural angle and orientation of hair.

If needed, the doctor may harvest additional grafts (parts of the donor area, like the sides of the head, that the robot cannot reach) with manual FUE technique.

b) Direct hair implantation (DHI) : Dra Garces uses a Lion implanter to reimplant grafts which have been collected with a manual punch

BEARD : FUE technique

  • As the beard has a different type of hair, typically stronger and thicker, the hair to be transplanted will be collected from the area of the scalp that most resemble the beard hair.  
  • Up to 2000 grafts for a full beard, direct hair implantation with Lion implanter

EYEBROWS :  FUE technique

  • As the eyebrow has a different type of hair, typically thinner, the hair to be transplanted will be the area of the scalp that most closely resembles your eyebrow. 
  • 300 grafts are needed to fully restore one eyebrow
  • Direct hair implantation with Lion implanter

BIOFIBRES : natural and immediate results for men and women

  • The Biofibre® implant by Medicap is an exclusive treatment of Replace Clinic in Portugal, with the size, color and shape matching the patient's primitive hair.
  • Indicated for patients with weak, thin, or non-existent donor area (Androgenic Alopecia, burns, trauma and scarring), looking forward to an immediate esthetic result, and preferring lighter surgeries to gradually reach density. 
  • Proven compatibility with a large percentage of the population, but require compatibility testing for each patient
  • The surgery time per 1500 biofibres is about 1 hour, painless under local anesthesia, up to 2000 fibres per session. 
  • For average baldness, 3500 fibres are required, for full baldness, 7000 fibres.
  • Can be performed in association with hair transplants


+351 926 710 740

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Biofibres (artificial hair) (1000 fibres) 4000 € - 4000 €
Beard and moustache (up to 2000 grafts) 3950 € - 3950 €
Eyebrows and eyelashes (Both eyelashes) 2950 € - 2950 €
FUE manual (up to 3000 grafts) 4950 € - 4950 €
FUE robotic ARTAS (up to 3000 grafts) 7950 € - 12500 €
FUE afro caribbean hair (up to 1500 grafts) 4950 € - 4950 €
Laser / LED therapy (per session) 100 € - 100 €
Mesotherapy (per session) 120 € - 120 €
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