Dr Abdul Muttalip Keser, Ankara

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Cankaya cad. 6/5 Cankaya - Ankara - 06680 - (Turkey)


  • Dr Keser, specialist of aesthetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery.
  • Performs himself the whole procedure (preparation for surgery, extraction, implantation). 

INTERNATIONAL PATIENTS : online consultation, translator, transfers.

PRICING : 600 grafts (2100€) to 3000 grafts (10 500€)


  • Hair is cut as short as possible, punch of 0.7-0.9 mm in diameter (patented by Dr. Keser), high densities of transplantation (60 to 80 grafts per cm2).
  • THE KESER APPROACH : Dr. Keser prefers to multiply sessions in order to optimize both his workload (he operates himself) and the fatigue of the patient.
  • 600-800 grafts (FU) at each session, 2000 grafts over 3 sessions, 3000 grafts over 5 sessions, which can be planned in a row ( interval of two days between each session).

MOUSTACHE AND BEARD : with hair extracted from the head.

BODY HAIR TRANSPLANT  (BHT) : in case of insufficient donor area on the scalp, the hair of other body parts (beard, chest) can be used.

Beard and moustache (request price) na
FUE manual (600 to 3000 grafts - price list) 2100 € - 10500 €
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